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2017-2018 USTA Middle States Committees  

Budget & Finance Committee
Recommend policies to the Board of Directors related to fiscal management, work with the Executive Director to develop a budget which supports the mission, review budget reports for accuracy, and assure that fiscal responsibility and accountibility are followed.
Bruce Levine (NJD) - Chair
Yocum, Mike – Staff Liaison
Alan Lamon (PATD)
Gina Pileggi (NJD)
Personnel Committee
Work with Executive Director to develop and implement staff policies and initiatives such as compensation and benefits packages which retain and attract a talented pool of employees.
Ed McQuillin (DD) - Chair
Marlynn Orlando – Staff Liaison
Rebecca Halpern (PATD)
Levine, Bruce (NJD)
Nancy Wilkins (NJD)
Wilson Pipkin (CPD)
Audit Committee
Oversee the establishment and implementation of appropriate accounting policies and internal controls, with focus on assuring that proper stewardship is placed over the Middle States' assets and protection of its reputation through fiscal transparency.
Christian Sockel (EPD) – Chair
Yocum, Mike - Staff Liaison
Cindy Mable (CPD)
Larry Mulligan-Gibbs (NJD)
Nominating Committee
Evaluate the leadership needs of the Section, develop a recruitment strategy, interview and evaluate candidates for the Board of Directors, and present a slate of qualified individuals to the Section for the Middle States Board of Directors.
Gina Pileggi (NJD) – Chair
Christian Sockel (EPD) - Vice Chair
Marlynn Orlando – Staff Liaison
Earlene Riley (PATD)
Bruce Taylor
Hank Hughes (AMD)
Leadership Development Committee
Identify, develop and mentor volunteers to serve on Middle States Section board and Council committees.  Explore and review policies and prctices to train new leaders as well as recommend, develop and promote leadership development programs and trainings.
Cindy Mable (CPD) - Chair
Marge McGann - Staff Liaison
Janis Finn (AMD)
Jim Flesch (DD)
Ryan Knarr (EPD)
Missy Mercer (NJD)
JoAnn Kelly (PATD)
Governance Committee
Make and review recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding policies for the Section, amendments to the Bylaws, and other policy and/or governance issues.
Lance Lee (PATD) - Chair
Ben Zislis – Staff Liaison
Goodman, David (PATD)
Hank Hughes (AMD)
Randy King (CPD)
Joan Schneikart (DD)
Christian Sockel (EPD)
Adult Competition Committee
Provide guidance and oversight of the adult competition offerings (not including league) so that adult players want and seek out USTA tournaments and events.  Develop rules and policies that encourage participation. Develop strategies and programs to attract the 18-40 year old players.
Gwen Guidice (NJD) - Chair
Wurtz, Mary – Staff Liaison
Bob Campbell (PATD)
Kas Kaushik (EPD)
Jeremiah DeJose (DD)
Troy Donato (DD)
Michael Ehrenberg (NJD)
Layssa Gleason (EPD)
Matt Helsel (CPD)
Brittany Miller (AMD)
Ricardo Murillo Lopez Negrete (CPD)
Dennis Phillips (EPD)
Danielle Salsbury (PATD)
Chris Shields (PATD)
Marc Vecchiolla (NJD)
League Tennis Committee
Oversee the policy, development and administrative procedure of the USTA League Tennis program and develop plans and initiatives to grow league play, especially in the 18-40 market.  Ensure that the rules and regulations provided by national as well as additional policies adopted by the Section foster a climate where players continue to play league tennis and encourage others to join.
Wilson Pipkin (CPD) - Chair
Sally Baird – Staff Liaison
Christie Bower (EPD)
Frank Cosky (NJD)
Jon Feinstein (PATD)
Don Hutchison (EPD)
Dorene Mendola (PATD)
Behtany Rickard (PATD)
Anthony Sciscione (DD)
Chauncey Smith (AMD)
Casey Thampoe (NJD)
Bonnie Weaver (CPD)
Junior Development Committee
Focus on developing a competitive structure for youth that addresses the middle of the talent pyramid so that the maximum number of junior players want and seek out USTA programs and events.  Emphasis should be placed on the 10 & Under market by implementing quality programs and rules which follow the Youth Progression philosophy.  Ensure that the rules and regulations provided by national as well as additional policies adopted by the Section foster a clomate of development for the players.  Work with tournament directors, teaching professionals, officials and other partners to assure Middle States delivering the highest quality tournaments.
Bruce Nesbit (DD) – Chair
Kennedy, Mike – Staff Liaison
Abriola, John (NJD)
Justin DePietropaolo (PATD)
Becky Desmond (PATD)
Megan Foster (AMD)
William Hill (EPD)
Deb Hazlett (AMD)
Max Honer (PATD)
Patrick Kurz (PATD)
Lisa Ullman (NJD)
Marc Vecchiolla (NJD)
Jeff Wiedemann (DD)
Coaches Commission Committee
Provide opportunities for the development of junior players including programs and events to identify and promote high performance players and make recommendations regarding high performance initiatives to the Board of Directors.
Mark O'Neill (EPD) – Chair
Seth Walrath- Staff Liaison
Jon Bair (CPD)
Andy Findley (AMD)
Emily Frazier (AMD)
Keith Hammitt (PATD)
Mark Hill (NJD)
Dave Marshall (DD
Denard McLendon (PATD)
Ellah Nze (PATD)
Kellen Thomas (PATD)
Jeff Wiedemann (DD)
Sanjin Kunovac (PATD)PP
Provider / Professional Groups Committee
Working with representatives from USPTA, PTR, tennis clubs and other partner groups, develop programs and initiatives whtat support the growth of tennis in our Section while also building a spirit of collaboration between all groups and constituents.
Bruce Levine (EPD) - Chair
Ben Zislis - Staff Liaison
Marge McGann - Staff Liaison
Huibri Botha (PATD)
Bruce, Marcy (AMD)
Jeremiah DeJose (DD)
Lynn Giroux (AMD)
Tim Haus (EPD)
Bryan Hughes (PATD)
Ike Johnson (NJD)
Carol MacLennan (NJD)
Delaine Mast (CPD)
Matt Potts (EPD)
Grievance Committee
Act on all grievances and complaints regarding USTA Middle States rules and regulations, accepted standards of conduct, fair play and sportsmanship as they pertain to Section sponsored activities and/or Section representatives.
Hughes, Hank (AMD) – Chair
Baird, Sally – Staff Liaison
Chamberlin, Russell (PATD)
Coppola, Darlene (CPD)
Huggins, Lois (DD)
Steinruck, James (NJD)
Ward, Lani (CPD)
Wilkinson, Thomas (EPD)
Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Develop and support a climate and structure which cultivates diversity and inclusion at all levels of the Section including programs, staff and volunteers.
Nancy Wilkins (NJD) - Chair
Renee Bridges – Staff Liaison
Amadou Diop (EPD)
Mike Graziani (NJD)
Karen Holcomb (EPD)
Melissa Jackson (DD)
Brandon Lichtman (AMD)
Jose Mieres (AMD)
Seth Pamperin (NJD)
Lauren Park (PATD)
Mehdi Rhazali (PATD)
Riz Soulliard (CPD)
Middle States Tennis Officials Committee (MSTOC)
Mulligan-Gibbs, Larry (PATD) - Chair
Schwepfinger, Laurie - Staff Liaison
Hall of Fame (HOF) Committee
For 2017 Hall of Fame, review, recommend and oversee the selection of candidates for the Middle States Hall of Fame.  Help to develop a sub-committee to organize and oversee a fundraising component to the event.
Lance Lee (PATD ) - Chair
Marge McGann - Staff Liaison
Dave Broida - (PATD)
Becky Desmond (PATD)
Gordon Kuhn (PATD)
Earlene Riley (PATD)
Provide guidance and ovesight in the development of our school and after school programs at the elementary, middle and high school levels.  Assist with the expansion of tennis in the physical education curriculums, after school programs and local competitive opportunities.  Develop plans to involve schools with local tennis providers and USTA section and district resources.
Rebecca Halpern (PATD) - Chair
Justin Landis - Staff Liaison
Kareem Bryant (PATD)
Adam Goldstein (DD)
Bryan Hughes (PATD)
David Kurvink (EPD)
Sally Moore (PATD)
Andrew Silverman (PATD)
Eric Wall (NJD)
Beth DeLay (EPD)
Beth Ann Kob (NJD)
Jeff Walters (EPD)
Task Forces:
Encourage excellence and honor achievement for programming, contributions and performance through awards. Work with all six districts to unify the process and encourage nominations from the community.
David Kurvink – Chair
Gladysz, Michael – Staff Liaison
Jackie Hurley (AMD)
Bill Larson (DD)
Kathy Heller (EPD)
Holly Metzgar (CPD)


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