Middle States InterDistricts

Almost as long as tennis has been played in USTA Middle States competitors have come together to play in team competition. Whether they are representing their district or the section, USTA Middle States offers a variety of team-based playing opportunities for adults of all ages. These events provide high-quality tennis and camaraderie both on and off the courts.

In Interdistrict play, men and women are chosen from each of the six Middle States tennis districts to compete for their district. The first Middle States Men and Women’s Interdistrict team competition was held at Bloomsburg University in 1975. The competition was designed to increase interdistrict competition thereby enabling the men’s and women’s ranking committees to better place the top Middle States players.

Teams from each district compete against each other in a round robin format over a 3 day period for sectional ranking points as well as district bragging rights.

2016 InterDistrict Booklet

For additional information on Interdistrict Competition please contact Mary Wurtz, Adult Competition Coordinator, at wurtz@ms.usta.com.