Early Development Camp

Registration is now open for players born 2006-2008. Five years ago, USTA Player Development adopted a new mission: to develop American players through a clearly defined pathway, as well as through a comprehensive coaching philosophy and structure. The Early Development Camps (EDC) are part of the USTA pathway; providing young players with more player development training opportunities within Middle States.  

Selection Criteria: 

Players will be selected based on their age, attitude, athleticism, parameter-based technique, competitive participation, coaches recommendation and everyday use of the 10 and Under formats. We realize that these criteria are dependent on fluctuating stages of maturity, growth and development in young players. We encourage you to focus on their long-term development, especially the areas highlighted in their post-camp evaluation. Players who show a marked improvement in the highlighted areas of focus will increase their probability of being invited back to camps in the future.

There are four goals for this camp:

  1. To develop a love of the game. A player needs to be playing the sport for all the right reasons and begins with loving the sport.
  2. To get to know you, as well as your child, and begin a relationship.
  3. To introduce you and your child to a systematic way of training that is guided by our USTA Coaching Philosophy.
  4. To evaluate your child's game and development and give to you an evaluation and input when the camp concludes.

Upcoming Early Development Camps

January 22, 2017
AMD | Pure Athletix
February 4, 2017 CPD | West End
February 25, 2017 PATD | Quakertown, Tennis Zone
March 11, 2017 PATD | Legacy Youth Tennis & Education
May 22, 2017 AMD | Pure Athletix
June 10, 2017 NJD | RiverWinds
September 16, 2017 NJD | RiverWinds
November 19, 2017 AMD | Pure Athletix


Early Development Camps are an important component in the overall USTA Player Development mission. These camps will help motivate, encourage and inspire young players to reach their highest potential. 

If you have additional questions, please contact Seth Walrath, Director of Junior Development Program Coordinator, at walrath@ms.usta.com.