Tennis Patrons' Foundation

The Middle States Tennis Patrons' Foundation, Inc., founded in 1973, is the fundraising 501(c) (3), non-profit charitable arm of USTA Middle States. Patrons invest in local communities annually throughout the Middle States section to promote tennis through grassroots efforts.

Patrons raises gift support to fulfill its mission each year through a variety of fundraising activities including the USTA Middle States Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and Auction.  The USTA Middle States Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and Auction is the largest event of the year for the Section and the Patrons, both from a fundraising perspective, and also recognition and honor.

The net proceeds from the Hall of Fame dinner are provided to the Patrons to assist in its grant-awarding process. Hall of Fame proceeds are also proportionately shared with the local host district and its grass roots tennis programs with financial need. The Hall of Fame dinner routinely raises $40,000 or more annually to help fund the Patrons' mission. 

The Middle States Tennis Patrons' Foundation has very little administrative overhead, and is largely managed by a volunteer board. Virtually every dollar given goes directly to deserving tennis programs and junior players.  Therefore you can be assured your gift goes to grow and sustain grass roots tennis programs and support  high performance junior players with financial need so that they can compete and train at the highest levels.

In order to receive a Patrons' grant, please visit the Scholarships and Grants page for more information.

To get involved, please contact Ruth Roulston.


Board of Directors:

Ruth Roulston – President - 717.808.3705 or
David Goodman – Vice President/Recording Secretary
Dan Hackett – Treasurer
Rose Weinstein – Secretary

Tom Sweitzer – Past President
Bob Ruzanic
Dennis Leggoe
Mike Iannone
Chris Aiello
Dr. Phil Caplan
Ellen Williams

Marlynn Orlando – Staff Liaison
George Parnell – MS Board Liaison

USTA Middle States  Tennis Patrons Endowment Fund


Please send pledge forms to:
Middle States Tennis Patrons Foundation, Inc.
USTA Middle States
1288 Valley Forge Road; Suite 74, Box 987
Valley Forge, Pa. 19482

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Middle States Tennis Patrons’ Foundation Treasurer, Chris Kyper  presents a check to the Delaware District from proceeds from the 2014 Middle States Hall of Fame.  Proceeds will be used to grow tennis programming throughout the district.